Prietita and the Ghost Woman - Prietita y la Llorona

Prietita and the Ghost Woman illustrated by Maya Gonzalez

Written by Gloria Anzaldúa
Illustrated by Maya Gonzalez
published 1996 by Children’s Book Press,
an imprint of Lee&Low Books
Bilingual – English/Spanish
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“…dramatic illustrations with the bold forms of mural art completely fill each spread, laden with southwestern flora and Mexican motifs.” – Kirkus Reviews

Ever since she can remember, Prietita has heard frightening stories about la Llorona—the legendary ghost woman who steals children at night. One day, when Prietita goes in search of the missing herb that can help cure her mother’s illness, she becomes lost in the woods. Suddenly she hears a distant crying sound and sees flashes of white in the trees. Could it be the ghost woman from her grandmother’s stories?

In her second book for children, Gloria Anzaldúa reinterprets the famous Mexican legend of la Llorona, the ghost woman. Surrounded by the live oak and prickly pear of the Texas woods, Prietita discovers that la Llorona is not what people expect. In this magical story, Prietita’s search for the healing rue plant turns into a powerful journey of self-discovery.


  • Américas Award Commended Title
  • Smithsonian Notable Book