Claiming Face: Educator Trainings

These trainings cultivate and travel deeper into the concepts set forth in the Claiming Face curriculum and assist the educator in extending the Claiming Face philosophy into practice and then further into classroom application.

About these workshops

Through lecture, personal investigation and creativity, we explore the philosophy and practice of Claiming Face. The primary tenets:

  • the importance of reflection,
  • the power of creativity,
  • the use of presence as support, and
  • the engagement with reflective action as a tool for not only mutual reflection but equality.

We explore the current reality of reflection in children’s media, especially for children of color and the impact of being genuinely reflected, or not, in one’s world.  I briefly address the essence of creativity and presence, but primarily use the hands-on experience of one of the Claiming Face projects to promote a more personal understanding of the curriculum, initiating participants to link their own creativity with self.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explore the current reality and the importance of children seeing genuine reflections of  themselves in their media
  2. Address the power of creativity as a tool of empowerment and reflection.
  3. Offer valuable projects to take into classrooms and libraries.
  4. Engage participants to personalize and come to their own knowing about how to use reflection, creativity and presence as tools to work toward empowering all children, but primarily children of color

Sample Workshop Agenda

  • We begin with group and personal investigation of experience and effects of reflection (or lack thereof) in our current culture at large. This leads into addressing the reality of institutionalized racism and the current status of representation for children of color in our media.
  • Introduction to Claiming Face philosophy, including my 3 Rules of art and the 3 main supports: the power of creativity, the importance of reflection and the effects of presence.
  • Engage attendees in one of the Claiming Face projects followed by discussion. This is the “heart” of the workshop.
  • Follow up with sharing/brainstorming on how to incorporate into classrooms/life.