Claiming Face: Student & Educator Immersion

Workshops for both Educator and Student to integrate the Claiming Face philosophy and practice more deeply into the classroom environment.

Here’s a video of Maya working with students and educators in South Carolina:

With an immersion format, we couple educator trainings with student sessions offering the most rounded approach to implementing Claiming Face in your school or program. Educators work through the Claiming Face philosophy with Maya but also have an opportunity to witness Maya and Claiming Face in action by watching her work with their students directly.

About the Immersion Format

Generally we begin with an author/artist day to introduce Maya and the curriculum to your students and faculty. Maya enjoys talking to kids about Claiming Face and this format sets the foundation to tie the curriculum directly into her children’s books integrating art, literacy and the Claiming Face concepts.

This is then followed by sessions with each class/grade level and at least one educator training, allowing Maya to work with each student at least once while also providing educators with a more thorough understanding of Claiming Face and its power.

Learning outcomes

  • For Students:
    1. Increased self-esteem alongside value and respect for others
    2. Greater self-awareness
    3. Strengthen ability to express self and take creative action
    4. Supportive learning environment
  • For Educators:
    1. Address the power of creativity as a tool of empowerment and reflection.
    2. Offer valuable projects to take into classrooms and libraries.
    3. Engage participants to personalize and come to their own knowing about how to use reflection, creativity and presence as tools to work toward empowering all children, but primarily children of color

Sample Immersion Format

This format is highly adaptable to the needs of each individual school and/or program so the sample below just begins to give a sense of the general structure.

  • Maya does 2-3 author/artist assemblies to introduce Claiming Face for all grades; lunch with educators to give an overview of the philosophy; students will have been exposed to at least one of Maya’s children’s books as a foundation for the work
  • Maya visits each of the classes and does at least one of the Claiming Face projects. This way she gets to work with each student at least once. These sessions also allow the educators to see the curriculum in action.
  • A few selected projects from the curriculum are selected for educators to work with after Maya’s visit connected to her books
  • An educator training(s) is scheduled for Maya to work more fully with educators
  • Together with educators, Maya develops a possible map to integrate the curriculum into the classroom in a supportive way.