I See Peace

Creating a Culture of Peace in the Classroom and Beyond
I See Peace Curriculum

WORLD PEACE. It’s an ideal many of us hold, especially as social justice educators. But with the epidemic of bullying in schools, images in the media of violence and war, sensationalizing of bombings and shootings, it can be hard to believe and teach that peace is possible. How do we talk about peace when many of us have never actually experienced it?

I See Peace curriculum encourages us to see the peace that already exists right now, in our interactions, our environments and ourselves.

We create a classroom culture that includes:

  • expanding and personalizing our understanding of peace
  • looking to see peace first before looking to see “problems”
  • exploring, acknowledging and supporting all the different kinds of peace
    • lack of conflict, feeling of belonging and security, disengagement, cooperation, compromise and more
  • creating a peace journal as a classroom and/or each student individually
  • learning to create drawings to explore peace beyond the verbal/written form

Using I See Peace, students learn through and beyond the culture of bullying and power-over to find their own agency and personal responsibility in creating peace in their world.

Through the curriculum, students:

  • engage their creative and critical thinking,
  • increase their emotional competency, and
  • develop new ways of being in the classroom and the world based on greater and greater awareness of peace.

By reframing students’ vision to see more of the cooperation and peace instead of the competition and power-over in the world, we create the possibility for greater social justice immediately. Understanding, experiencing and creating real peace right now supports students to feel they are powerful agents that can affect their world for the better.

Come play and learn that peace is often closer than we think!