What keeps you up late?

An invitation to Mira Reisberg’s Hero’s Art Journey with Maya Gonzalez

Girl with Flashlight from My Diary from Here to ThereAn invitation to
Mira Reisberg’s
Hero’s Art Journey
with Maya Gonzalez

Part of what makes life awesome, are those things you just HAVE to do. Those things that keep you up late, working in the garage or in your studio or at your kitchen table or wherever it is you’ve carved out a free space for yourself.

I LOVE the feeling of being so inspired that I have to explore and experiment and figure something out even if I’ve worked all day at my real job.  What about you? What keeps you up late?

For me, many of my favorite/ have-to-do activities concern art, children’s books and related history. So it’s no surprise that the “picture book whisperer” and my longtime friend, Mira Reisberg has managed to assemble a course that includes a chunk of my ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS TO DO!

I MUST confess, these are EXACTLY, the things that keep me up late, running high on creativity.

They include:

  • learning about art history and mythological tales-especially outside of Western culture!
  • getting to know more  children’s book artists and their amazing work
  • playing with new art techniques
  • journeying through the unknown, facing fears, moving on and becoming a more fierce artist and human being through art

These activities are not just inspiring, I feel like they actually help make me who I am… they teach me about myself, about life, about the world and conveniently they also help me do my life work as an artist, educator and author.

Magically and perfectly, I have been invited to play alongside Mira in the online course she created that includes some of my deepdeeploves! It’s called Hero’s Art Journey. Of course!

I have known this gal for a decent amount of time. She’s a smarty pants in the children’s book department and loves to share everything she knows. I am excited and curious and inspired already! I know that working with this community I will come away with heroic stories and visions of power and courage.

I bring upwards of 20 years teaching art, developing curriculum, illustrating and writing award-winning multicultural children’s books, as well as an open heart, a curious mind and a sharing hand.

I promise, it will keep you up late! In the best way!

For more details about what’s sure to be an awesome course, and the last time it will be offered, on the Picture Book Academy website: http://www.picturebookacademy.com/heros-art-journey.html

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