Stirring Up some Peace & Manifestation

How supporting inner peace in ourselves can lead to a greater ability to manifest what we want in life!

So much media I see about manifestation focuses on the physical plane. I’ve never really related to that. I like to have my rent paid, don’t get me wrong. But when push comes to shove, what I’ve really needed to take into any and all situations is inner peace. I’ve come to believe that providing myself with a foundation of peace automatically helps me manifest whatever else is in my best interest in life.

I wish I had known this from the beginning. Now I can think of no better way to begin experimenting with the principles of manifestation than peace. It doesn’t just provide inner strength and comfort that makes all the difference, it lends greater power to whatever else I’m trying to manifest in a couple of ways.

Relaxing into PeaceFor one, peace can lead to relaxation. This is a key factor that supports all kinds of creativity. Relaxation is the perfect growth medium for manifestation. When we relax our minds, our hearts, our spirits, everything can flow through us more easily, especially creativity, allowing us to feel in the flow and like creating is effortless.

Two, leading with peace can provide greater depth and meaning to what we manifest physically no matter what it is. Having a purely physical focus has stripped the real meaning out of much of our lives. Becoming aware of meaning even in physical plane things is a big step. A car is not just a car. A house is not just a house. What is the real meaning within these objects? What do the mean to us, what do they symbolize? Infusing our physical plane things and experiences with peace helps us to see even more meaning in our lives and create with greater awareness what is really important to us.

Thirdly, familiarizing ourselves with personal peace brings more peace onto the planet and the more peace there is the more peace is possible. We are all connected. When one of us brings more peace onto the planet there is the possibility of more peace for everyone.

And lastly, I believe we each deserve and actually need peace to be who we really are. Peace is not something we’re very familiar with these days. How many of us fundamentally feel that we belong and we are right and good? How many of us feel that we don’t have to DO anything to be valuable? What I find myself wishing for everyone, above all else, is that we know that we belong and there is nothing wrong with any of us. We are each equally perfect and valuable and deserving of peace.
I See Peace
As with everything I teach, my book, I See Peace, was born out of personal experience. During a challenging time in which I was seemingly powerless to do anything but endure, I started a practice. At first I was just making the motions. But I figured it was a beginning. Eventually it turned out to be more than what I needed to make it through a hard time. I realized it was exactly what I needed as the foundation for everything. “I see peace” is now my official default. When I find myself having a tricky moment, even when I find myself having a great moment, I look for peace everywhere I turn. In concrete, very real ways, I always look for the peace that I have learned is all around me.

In seeing peace in every way that I can, I am literally changing reality.
I’ve found there is no end to peace. Peace can always grow deeper and wider, more inclusive and abundant. It is eternal and expansive. Beyond habits of worry and concern, I want to establish peace as my habit. I find that I want even more peace now. And it feels so right I want it for everyone I know and even those I don’t know.

Peace and manifestation. You can begin playing with the concepts of manifestation right this minute. Just say the words, I see peace. And see. xo

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