i am kidlitcon

finding more people to play!!!

this year’s theme for KidLitCon was: Blogging Diversity in Young Adult and Children’s Lit: What’s Next?zai drive

it’s always soothing to be around folks with whom i can relax and even play a bit.

play is serious business to me. play means a quality of curiosity, openness, courage and innocence. today i feel like i found some more people to play with.

it was a conference for children’s book bloggers.  all talking about diversity! aaaaaaaaaaa!!! it was like an awesome 4 square game where no one misses the ball or  a really long jump rope run where you and the rope and the rope turners are in effortless sync.

i love it when that happens. play.

twinashere are some of the fabulous people on the playground…


the twinjas

Twinja Book Reviews hopes to open the discussion about diversity in YA, NA, MG as well as Science Fiction & Fantasy themed books. part of what i adored about these women, was their true openness and willingness to take risks!

there was nathalie mvondo at multiculturism rocks! cultural diversity in children’s books.

and editor laura atkins

and author zetta elliott

and librarian edith campbell at crazy quiltedi

and i ran into mira reisberg at children’s book academy

zetta laura edithi want to play some more please. i’ve got a children’s book revolution in my mind and it feels like a perfectly round, red rubber ball just waiting to hit the ground!


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