reclaiming my childhood literary influences

helen keller and the phantom toll booth

i have been asked what children’s or YA book influenced me most for an article. as much as i love children’s books now, i cannot say that i have a lot of childhood experience with them. i remember reading helen keller’s life story, a big 2 inch fatty that i carried everywhere around the age of 8.hellen and annie i was fascinated with not only helen’s experience, but also her relationship with annie and their intense drive toward expression and connection.

the only other book memory i have is just a title. the phantom toll booth. i’ve ordered it and i’m intrigued now to reclaim this tiny thing that my memory has held onto.  i’m already laughing at the brief review i’ve read about it. sounds just like my kind of book! funny how we’re influenced along the way and we don’t even know it. the power of books continues to awe me and strengthen my commitment to not only making them, but sharing how to make them and use them as the incredible tools they are! out of the foothills of confusion toward the sea of knowledge! with helen reminding me we are always heading toward the unknown.

phantom toll booth map

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