keys and library cards

all things return in good time

sometimes babies ‘disappear’ things. so it was with a particular set of keys. they vanished for a very long time. we assumed they’d show up, but after months, it seemed they never for blog then something weird happened.

they showed up! matthew had to dig his hands down in between the cushions of the back seat of the car to install a new baby seat and out he pulled the disappeared keys!!! yay!

with the keys back we could check our PO box at the lovely women’s building! and there, dated all the way back to august was a card from the irwindale library. i got all excited! not just because i could see rhinestones poking through the envelope, but because i could sense some bulk in there. i guessed i might have something more than just a flashy card!!!!

so excited to open it! i found my copy of the library card i designed for them!!!

irwindale library card

i’m thrilled and so honored. i love them!!! i think i might have to make earrings out of the little, detachable, key chain versions on the sides!

i have always loved libraries. we have one just two blocks away that we visit regularly! next time i’ll wear my new earrings!!!



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