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dia de los muertos

today i find myself falling deeply into inner ritual. it’s not a conscious act. it’s much more than that. dancing-calevera-girl copyit’s my bones. the blood pumping through the muscle that is my heart. my teeth, my hair, my dress, my BEing, my life, my every breath. it’s as if a hidden door in the back of my mind opens up and i am with my dead and my near dead.
this year one of my best friends then my father in law, and finally my father all did a slow waltz with my old teacher death. they used their hearts to learn. they nearly stopped their song. one restricted the flow to a near tear drop, the other two pooled the flow in one spot until everything else cried out for more. all of them nearly dropped the bod.
tonight i call in the 5 directions, i invoke my old teacher, death and i surrender to the ritual that is occurring in my heart this minute. walk the night. invite the unknown. open the hidden places and learn the secrets of life. this is dia de los muertos. this is where i find the parts i have forgotten. this is where i express my gratitude that my people have stayed. i know one day they will go.

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