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[Interviews with Students] the effects of Believing is Seeing 11 months later

[1 day ’till Daily Peace] It’s nearly here! 2015 AND the start of my Believing is Seeing e-course.  I’m excited in all kinds of directions plus we also made my I See Peace e-book free to download today and tomorrow as we turn from 2014 into 2015! And what a better interview to have on this New Year’s Eve than some talk about Peace and Manifestation. What do you want to create in this new year? Let Peace be your guide.

Here is my interview with Paul Gallo! I met Paul during a time of transition for both him and myself. He provided an amazing reflection of how peace is an integral part of creation/manifestation. What a blessing and an inspiration. In fact, my contact with Paul inspired this course. Thank you darling! It is a pleasure to share your words. Oh, by the way, Paul is a fashion designer, educator and inventor!

some art from Paul’s peace journal: “Peace has my back”

Maya: Welcome Paul! You used peace as a tool while you were going through a major transition and manifestation in your life around home, how did something as seemingly ethereal as peace serve you through something so concrete as finding a place to live?

Paul: Peace served me because I realized that my living situation was not peaceful while reading the book [I See Peace] and your words and drawings inspired me to create a “Peace Palace” for myself to live in.

Maya: And it definitely worked!Now that you have home, does peace continue to serve you in your daily life? How so?

Paul: Peace is the center of myself and my home. I have not spent this much time in silence ever. Usually there is music on but I am content to be at peace usually and have been doing much more meditation since manifesting my own place to live. I have lived with people for years and years…..I feel peace at work, on the bus, i sea peace at the ocean. This book [I See Peace] made peace part of my everyday life and it is SO much better.

Maya: If there was one thing that you could say peace has taught you, what would it be?

Paul: Peace has taught me that my center is a serene place I can go to whenever I want.

Maya: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Paul: I have found that my life can be so much easier. I create from a much more calm perspective, I can negotiate the business & fashion worlds knowing what I want to accomplish without slipping into drama or fear. I really appreciate the work you are doing and this will be a positive force inside of me that will grow as long as I live.

Maya:  Thank you so much Paul. Your peace makes my peace ROCK! Here we go into 2015!

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