why they're so important for our children to have!

Our culture has a powerful trend toward the boy-girl gender binary and conformity comes into play from a child’s earliest possible moment. By being gender free, Call Me Tree provides for some a much needed break from the constant boy-girl assumptions and requirements. It can also provide a moment to pause and consider those assumptions, requirements and their impact.

i’m very excited to share my interview with the huffington post!

Call Me Tree is by no means the first book to not use pronouns. it happens. however i’m consciously not using them to bring  attention to gender and how the compulsory binary system impacts ALL of our children. it’s an important opportunity to open these conversations up with our kids! very hopeful that there will be many more books and lots more conversations to support our children being exactly who they are without the burden of the binary and the pressure of societal conformity.

long live the trees!!! viva la difference!

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