When a Bully is President/Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times

A children’s book to support kids and adults in the wake of the 2016 US election.
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The book can be used as a way to talk about oppression in society or as a straight up tool to talk about the current political climate and the next 4 years with your kids.

When a Bully is President/Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times will be published by Reflection Press January 2017 (ideal for ages 7-10, bilingual English/Spanish)

As stories surface near and far about increased harassment in the schools and on the streets, we know how important it is for our kids to see us center and value our lives and communities. This book is an opportunity to talk more about what’s going on, how it fits into the history of bullying in the US and what we can do about it, while providing a structure to use our creative power to stay strong and focused on ourselves.

The imagery and text centers, celebrates and respects
American Indians
African Americans
Mexican and Latinx Americans
LGBTQIA2S Americans
Muslim Americans
Asian Americans
Disabled Americans
Americans who ID as women or girls

Join me in developing/continuing traditions that teach our kids expressive, creative skills and self esteem to continue negotiating life in the US. Rooted in the Claiming Face curriculum I’ve been teaching for the last 20 years, When a Bully is President/Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times supports our families and communities in becoming stronger by investing in our own identity, creative power and self love. *Includes extra pages in the back with definitions, projects, resources and support materials.

This book was conceived on November 9th . Matthew and I are challenging ourselves to get it out to our communities within the US in time for inauguration on Jan 20th.

As radical indie-publishers we want to be responsive to our communities and push the limits of what’s possible in publishing. We believe our kids can’t wait for books about the things affecting their lives right now.  Owning our own press is an important step towards mobility, #ownvoices and true creative power rising.

Honing our skills alongside our hearts and spirits helps us produce strong, deep children’s books quickly and effectively for our communities and support the flow of truth, respect and love that we need in these days.Pre-Order When a Bully is President through Indiegogo

PRE-ORDER this “emergency response” book through my current Indiegogo campaign


Learn how to hone your voice and art and start your own press and publish children’s books too. Go to School of the Free Mind, an independent online learning environment centering PoC, Queer and Indigenous people (reduced 2017 membership also available through my current Indiegogo campaign)

Voice is a revolution. xomaya

Standing Together in Truth


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