mayaartist, author, educator, children’s book illustrator, publisher, activist, mami, lover, friend, tree talker, river lover, water rabbit, snake parent, spirit, obsessive recycler, crocheter, seamstress, jeweler, dresser, drag queen, child, crone, death talker, woman, queer, peace maker, equality lover, freedom fluffer, adventurer, traveler, sky kisser

i make a lot of art. i also make a lot of crafts. i consider myself something like an art nun. a devotee of the creative force. i have learned many things about creativity and what i know for certain is that everyone is an artist and that everything is an act of creativity. i also know that creativity and spirituality are one breath. i believe we are all waking up slowly but surely to our creative spirit and this will guide us to our true


selves and nature and balance things here on mamiearth. some think i’m crazy this way, but i know i’m not the only one.

pray with me

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