Peace & Transformation

[Interviews with Students] the effects of Believing is Seeing 11 months later

[23 days ’till Daily Peace] One of the most valuable things about my Believing is Seeing e-course is it’s gentle but powerful approach, making the practice of peace more possible to sustain. Laurie is one of the peace students who gave me a powerful gift. The gift of confirmation. Change …

Polka Dots, Self-Portraits and First Voice Multicultural Children’s Books

Claiming Face blog series with Maya Gonzalez - Part 1

I’ve decided to resurrect and revamp my blog series that I originally posted on the Children’s Book Press blog, the seminal multicultural publisher, before they became an imprint of Lee&Low Books. I also shared Part 1 of the series as a guest post on Mira Reisberg’s Children’s Book Academy blogettes …

Stirring Up some Peace & Manifestation

How supporting inner peace in ourselves can lead to a greater ability to manifest what we want in life!

So much media I see about manifestation focuses on the physical plane. I’ve never really related to that. I like to have my rent paid, don’t get me wrong. But when push comes to shove, what I’ve really needed to take into any and all situations is inner peace. I’ve …

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