The Gender Wheel: a story about bodies and gender for every body

The Gender Wheel

By Maya Gonzalez
published 2017 by Reflection Press,
Available in Hardcover
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“This is our world.
Like many things in nature it’s round and holds everyone at the same time.
This is the Gender Wheel.
Like our world it’s round and holds everyone at the same time too…”

a nature-based, inclusive, body positive story of gender. Inviting every body back to the circle.

n 2010 Maya introduced the Gender Wheel and the Gender Team in the Gender Now Coloring Book. It was a jammed packed coloring extravaganza exploring bodies, nature and history in relation to multiple gender identities. It also opened up the possibility of play and expansion around our still limited language of “boy” and “girl.”

Now the Gender Team returns, expanded and stronger than before, inviting you on a picture book journey through the Gender Wheel. This book is a powerful opportunity for a supportive adult and child to see a range of bodies, understand the roots of the current binary gender system, how we can learn from nature to see the truth that has always existed and revision a new story that includes room for all bodies and genders. The Gender Wheel offers a queer centric, holistic framework of radical gender inclusion in a kid-friendly way for the budding activists who will change our world. This is our world!

NOTE TO PARENTS, EDUCATORS, AND ADULT ALLIES: This is a body-positive picture book showing bodies in their natural state (i.e. with no clothes on) and is specifically created for a supportive adult to explore alongside a child. While it would be great if this book was used in schools, we know that only the most progressive schools would likely adopt it. Our other book They She He Me is a powerful companion to this book and suitable for classroom environments and breaking down gender assumptions and stereotypes.

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