Unfurling: Voice is a Revolution
The Heart of It Anthology #3

By the Light of the Rabbit Moon: The Heart of It Anthology #2

By Maya Gonzalez with 18 ArtistAuthors
published 2018 by Reflection Press,
English with some Spanish
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Within each of us is a voice ready to spiral OUT into an enormous sky. Unfurl it.

Voice begins deep within. Along the back corridors and secret passageways. Voice begins at our silent center, the core of our being where everything exists at once. Vibrating.

Within each of us is a path from inside to outside. Look for it.

Within each of us is a silence of truth longing to be expressed. Feel for it.

Within each of us is a voice ready to spiral OUT into an enormous sky. Unfurl it.

Dropping into the spaces that live within, Unfurling invites us into the dance between silence and story until we can let go into our own expression.

We need your Voice.
We need your Revolution

The final book in the anthology trilogy from The Heart Of It Collection. Award-winning children’s book artist and author Maya Christina Gonzalez’s experimental illustrations and simple poetic narrative highlight the poems, stories, and art of 18 new and emerging diverse children’s book ArtistAuthors. Love, creativity and power fill the pages! Always pushing the limits of how children’s books can be used, Unfurling explores the possibility of what stories lay within the minds of our children and how to engage their creative agency through imagery.

Featured ArtistAuthors:
Ovid Amorson, Crystal Azul Barr, Adrianne Beth Galvez, Erika González, Priya Gopal, Jill Guerra, Kelly Jimenez, Rosalind Lord, Judith Nasse, Shanimarie Ogilvie, Elana Ponet, Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez, Marianna Singwi-Ferrono, Karen Su, Chantra Tham, alida cardós whaley, Robyn Wolfe, Laura Yohualtlahuiz,

Read more about this book and Maya’s online children’s book course it grew out of on the Reflection Press website

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