Q: I love your artwork, will you illustrate my children's book?
Q: Do you do school visits/presentations?
A: At this time I am no longer doing school visits or presentations. I am still open to working with homeless youth, LGBTQ kids and families, and youth in juvenile detention centers. If you are interested in programs for those communities please use my speaker invitation form. It’s also always a good idea to include your budget as well as any other specific needs you might have when you contact me.

Q: What advice would you give aspiring children's book artists/authors?
Q: Where can I get your books?
A: You can get my books directly from the publisher, at most online retailers or have your local bookstore order them. Reflection Press and Lee&Low are the main publishers I’m working with at the moment.
Q: Do you have original art and/or prints for sale?
Q: Can I interview you?
A: Media requests, feel free to view my online media kit and use the interview request form on that page. If you’re on a deadline be sure to indicate in your email. If you’re a student doing a presentation or report on my fine art, first be sure to take a look at my fine art website, there’s lots of info there including a detailed bio, my art from different time periods and more.