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Reflecting ALL Our Children: Creating Inclusive Children's Books

Reflecting ALL Our Children: Creating Inclusive Children's Books
There’s always a lot of discussion about the lack of diversity in children’s books but what can we each do to begin changing these statistics?

Join me for an informal discussion this Thursday, March 20th and let’s talk about ways we each can contribute to creating a more reflective and inclusive children’s book publishing industry. Whether you’re a person of color, LGBTQI, white, a straight ally, aspiring or established author or illustrator, avid reader, teacher, parent, we all can take steps to create a better world for our children with books that reflect our beautifully diverse world.

Would you like more reading materials to get you thinking for the upcoming webinar, check out these links:
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And for those big-hearted aspiring children’s book authors or artists, there’s still time to join me for my new e-course, The Heart of It: Creating Children’s Books that Matter starting April 7th!

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