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[Interviews with Students] the effects of Believing is Seeing 11 months later

[29 days ’till Daily Peace] In my Believing is Seeing e-course we use my book I See Peace as the framework, guide and writing/art journal. We work through it spread by spread over 31 days. For my next interview, I talk with Marta who took the course in January however she latched onto I See Peace as soon as it came out in 2012! Marta is a comadre in spirit. We share a great love of peace and freedom. Marta literally takes it to the ends of the Earth! seeding peace in conversations, in hearts and in hands with I See Peace. Peace is global. It was only natural that she would be my translator for the book into Spanish. I’m so happy to share all her words.

Maya: Welcome Marta! You love to give I See Peace as a gift, no one has been as prolific at this as you. Why do you do it and do you see results?

Flower PeaceMarta: I love to give copies of I See Peace
because I love it
I love its simplicity
It makes me happy and I want to spread the joy

I See Peace
distills peace
into being

I have seen a range of responses & results
I translated the first copy I saw when the project crowdfunded and then had the honor of doing it for real to publish.
My friend Paul wrote a personal manifesto in his copy.
A traveler I met in Spain left it, conscious or not, behind.
Most people though they love it, do not immediately get its depth.
It is one of those books that sneaks up on you in a profound way.

Maya: How do you bring peace up with people? is it easy to talk about?

Marta: Sometimes during a trying time, I will use that pregnant pause. I use that silence as a place to invoke love & peace from that deepest part of my soul. I remind myself that right NOW that I am angry, upset, scared, pissed off, hurt, in crisis is when I most need that all embracing sensation of peace to be with me/us today and always.

Maya: Why is peace so important to you? How has this book or this course served you in your life pursuit of peace?

Marta: Why do I breathe?
Peace of being
Serenity of mind >is the highest expression of love in action
Acceptance of self

I See PeaceAnything I have ever created has come from my most peaceful center.
Focusing on peace, beginning with oneself, appears to me to be the most effective manner in which to feel, or do, something personally to be the change, I want to see in the world.

I see peace validates what is at my core though life may distract me. It helps me remember when I forget or venture away.

Maya: Is there anything else you’d like to add?


Maya: It’s amazing to be met in others. Tu eres mi otro yo. We are peace. Thank you for walking with me Marta and allowing others to hear your song as we go.

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