What Peace is….

(and what it isn't)

[31 days ’till Daily Peace] As we begin December, we turn our attention toward my Believing is Seeing e-course starting January 1st, 2015 and explore the many faces and journeys of peace. Because I cannot ignore the current state of affairs in Ferguson and the US, I wanted to begin by focusing on what peace is and what it is not, beyond the many misconceptions and illusions that keep us always seemingly striving for a peace we can never attain or hold on to. Now is the time to understand peace for ourselves. The stronger peace is within us, the stronger our actions to change the status quo toward equality for ourselves, our children and all people.

Like many things in life peace is not what I thought it wasPeace is not…

  • Hiding or suppressing my real feelings
    • – Including anger
  • Going along with the status quo when I know it is not a system of equality
  • Quiet, calm and inactive (although it can be when that’s needed)
  • Only achieved by very few through deep spiritual practice
  • Something I can fight for
  • Something that begins on the outside
  • Difficult

I was surprised when I first felt peace. surprised because i had never felt anything like itPeace is…

  • all of me acknowledged and relaxed

Peace is…

  • seeing the big picture and not taking it personally

Peace is…

  • having all of my feelings flow freely through me without judgment

Peace is…

  • my own

Peace is…

  • taking action in the small ways and the big ways to live life equal and free

Peace is…

  • something that begins within

Peace is…

  • natural

peace affects everything there is no end to how deep it can go peace is infinite i have only just begunThe two most true things I can say

Peace is not what I thought it was
and what it is
cannot be taken away.

The more we understand the true nature of peace for ourselves
The more likely we will be able to create it in the world around us
The revolution is always now.
Peace begins within.
Be the revolution.because peace begins within

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