storyteller drag

somewhere in san francisco grows a tree (gown)
tree dress at paul's
photo and dress in the works by paul gallo


i love clothes

all my life i have loved clothes

my mother sewed for me when i was young

wide leg bell bottoms and butterfly sleeved pinafores

at 13 i started sewing all my own clothes

maya gonzalez and sky

overalls, walking skirts, bolivian milkmaid jackets

dressing is an art to me

it expresses more than the moment

it is a gathering of where i’ve been, what i find beautiful,

a conversation between color, pattern and texture,


maya gonzalez and paul gallo
me and paul gallo

a painting made live

a ritual and a poem

sometimes i don’t talk about what i think about clothes

their power, spirituality and ability to time travel but

sunday i got to play with someone who’s gift i truly cherish

and who totally understands the depth of dressing…

the incredible fashioneer paul gallo.
i came to paul with one request and a tote full of pieces of clothes and cloth. i need a tree gown to wear when i read my children’s book Call Me Tree.

paul and i played the pieces into place until we’d fashioned

the beginnings of a funky gown for me to wear and storytell! yay!!!!!!maya gonzalez and paul gallo

and check out paul! he’s not only a gorgeous fabulous friend! he’s an awesome teacher through sf city college and through craftsy and invented the getta grip clip!!!! you can see the clips in action in the photographs. totally revolutionary.

Call Me Treei can’t wait to post the final dress in all its glorious treeness! and believe you me, this is just the beginning!!! now i want a dress for every book i make!  and paul’s the man to help me dream BIG!!! this one was a quicky, you should see what other plans we have!!!!

(*look at sky! she leaned into paul as he was working. maybe we’ve got another designer in the family!? one can only hope!)


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