Claiming Face with Dick and Jane

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when i look back at the books of my childhood, in my imagination, i see myself looking back. my strong proud forehead alive with thought. my clear eyes open wide to see. i am here! this is my face. i am hear! this is my face. this is where my story begins. where my ancestors live. this is my face. where the stars live. where tomorrow lives. here in my face, i am.

black-leaf-dickjaneto Claim Face:

1. to recognize and assert one’s place/face and inherent belonging in the world;

2. to embrace and celebrate what one’s face expresses, how it reflects one’s life and historical context in relation to ethnicity, gender expression, individuality, selfhood and more;

3. to declare and require in community the birthright to be exactly who one is inside and out;

4. to know one’s self inside and out.


is the personal teacher within each of us. As our birthright it is the inherent ability and energy, we as humans are born with, to transcend current ideas, forms and patterns and to create meaningful new ones that are relevant to the moment and our deepest selves. This allows us to connect with, maintain and perpetuate flow and integrity with who we are at core.

black-snow-dickjane Artist:

Creativity is the teacher that lives within each of us. Being an artist means that no matter what activity we are engaged in, we are listening to and guided by our inner teacher.


    the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without. to allow an unencumbered flow of energy to move through one’s self and life.

little-child-curls-dickjane Respect:

is an awareness and admiration for someone who is being true to their deepest, most creative self. It never remains a one sided experience but always transforms into a circular or reciprocal experience, because as we admire others being true to themselves, we ourselves change and become more true to our deepest, most creative self. This results in self-respect and continues the cycle for others to then see us and be transformed. And so on. Respect leads to self-respect. Self-respect leads to respect.

orange-dress-dickjaneClaim Your Face!

Write Now! Make Books

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installments 3 and 4

Write Now! Make BooksWrite Now! Make Books

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