everything changes

turn turn

these words have been rolling around in my brain, like a big wheel turning in the night sky. everything changes. turn. everything changes. turn.

my last blog post was about negotiating fear after Orlando. turn.

a deep turn of the wheel that rattled my heart. counted my bones.

an old turn of the wheel swirling in new action. rising up. turn. the wheel. turn.

the summer has passed and we are well into fall. and all i can see is ACTION. i don’t want to think–i want to do. i don’t want to plan–i want to act now. words and thoughts feel like feathers in the wind. and i am rainbow.

i am hearing from many people this desire for change, for new life. the larger world stage has such a weight to it right now and for many of us that serves as a springboard to create change. i know for myself i want to leap, to fly even for a moment, to jump and jump and jump until i am in a new spot. turned.

we at reflection press and school of the free mind are doing it. we are taking a leap, jump and twirl and making a bunch of big announcements next week!

stay in touch! i’ll be blogging like a bee on my beautifully new dragged out blog site. we’ve been quiet for awhile because we’ve been deep in work, and turning, and landing–in the perfect spot!

we can hardly wait to share!

we’re about to release countless seeds into our communities. join us next week!

the revolution is a flower opening up to the possibility of sky!

let’s SEED this revolution OUT!

everything changes.

turn. turn.

kiss the sky.





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