5 weeks of expanding the mind and beautifying the world with Queer/Trans/Intersex fabulousness!

**NOTE: I turned this blog series into a FREE Online Course available through The Gender Wheel website. View the course>>> ON TO THE THIRD WEEK OF GENDER MONTH! Each week of this month I’m focusing on a different theme in relation to Queer/Trans/Intersex fabulousness. If you missed last week’s post …

Knock Knock Who’s There? Interrupting Chupacabra!

Social Justice, Critical Thinking, Social and Emotional Learning Wrapped in a JOKE!

Saturday I am speaking at the Bay area SCBWI Oktoberfest. One of my talks is titled, Get Radical! Why Radical Thinkers Are Needed in the Children’s Book World. Apparently my reputation precedes me because I didn’t come up with the title. I simply and happily slid into place upon arrival. …

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