the trickle UP effect

let equality RISE!!!

alexander girardI have been having a lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings, a lot of everything lately! I’ve got about 5 blog posts in different stages of completion, but I love the ones that just pop out with barely any effort.

This is one of those.

I had this idea. It’s based on something I believe, but for some reason I finally played it out a little further. It must be because I’m opening up to a new narrative, new ideas, new ways of imagining the future and how we get there and what actions to take now.

As an activist concerned with full equality, the only action that makes any sense is that based on supporting the disenfranchised and underprivileged of our society. Currently there are a number of communities who fit this bill, but the most privilege-challenged are the black community, the native American community and the trans community. Structurally speaking these communities are getting largely shorted.

So my proposal is that ALL disenfranchised communities (lgbtqi, disabled, religious minorities, elders, women, all ethnic minorities, etc…) make the Black, the Native American and the Trans communities A PRIORITY. if ALL the underprivileged communities united and supported these 3 communities in the ways they asked for, I believe we would make fast progress and we would create powerful alliances.

Once we create some solid ground there, we would then turn our attention to our next most challenged community and throw ALL OUR SUPPORT their way. However, I imagine supporting equality for our most challenged would have a trickle up effect and make any other efforts all the more easy and swift!

The part about ALL underprivileged communities uniting is the part I finally played out in my imagination. I always saw it in the back of my mind, but it’s like it came to the foreground and became more real. A new narrative rising!

I focus on children’s books. They are my preferred tool of transformation. What’s yours? Everyone has something to offer! The revolution is always now. xomaya

(Image by Alexander Girard)

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