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eye turned inwardThe longer I am alive, the more I find I live in the moment. I can only speak of now. Everything that has touched me, been rooted within me, guided me, blocked me and redirected my flow, everything is alive in me now. I am all that I am. The specifics fade, while the generalities endure.

The bible, spirit, Mexican/German/queer, desert, death, sunset, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico, moon, love, hell, light, peace, sky, ecstasy, parenthood, rabbit, bird, snake, deer, lesson, acceptance, trust, open, heart, body, now. And always, all ways, the river.

All my life I have been compelled by spirit and the creative force. They have informed every part of my being and I am a long life devotee. If I could, I would sit at their feet and anoint them with flowers and rich oils and whisper poem/prayers of gratitude. But I would find that I am sitting with myself. I make art to ritualize the truth that we are the creators: of ourselves, our lives, our hearts, our world, all that we see and feel. We are one with all things, made of the same light, imbued with the same force, the same love. There is no inside or outside, awake or asleep, physical or spirit, above or below. All is one at all times. It is only our attention and focus that shifts about and creates the illusion of separations.

The physical manifestations of my art, the drawings and paintings, the words, even my crafts, are all reflections of my inner journey. The eye that is most open, most knowing and focused, is the eye turned inward. In this way I can focus on the origin of the illusion and not on the illusion itself. Consequently, I do not direct my creativity, I am my creativity and my creativity is me. When I align myself with the creative force that exists within all things I can trust and let go. What happens as a result is seldom what I think it will be. It comes from a much larger, multidimensional part of myself. This is the practice I've learned during this incredibly physically focused, fear based time. I appreciate that I am here during this time. And, I am grateful that I have found my way in it. Mine is a spiritual path because all being is spiritual.

I am not the only one. I know there are many others on this path, now and throughout time. Some of us are artists, poets, musicians, some of us are parents and teachers. Some of us just are. It is my path to ritualize this knowing, with brushes and pencils, hammers and pliers. But all I really need is air and earth, water and food.

I am. You are.

We are art. We are spirit.

This is life.
Love, Maya

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My Face Grows Long with the Conversation


I began this period of time working with materials from dime stores, consciously choosing to focus on common, accessible materials and venues. My work was used to breakdown hierarchical structures […]

The Pomegranate


This time period was very much about owning my cultural identity and continued with the themes of multidimensional reality and the expansion of consciousness that I began working with in […]

The Love that Stains


This time period is marked by the inclusion of my piece, The Love That Stains, on the cover of Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art and my profound work with plant […]

Death Rattle


This time was marked by debilitating health issues and diminishing ability to work due to heavy metal poisoning. My life was spent managing pain, going to doctors and praying. I […]

Lift Me Up (Healing Through Series #2)


This period was marked by my miraculous recovery from long-term heavy-metal poisoning and the beginning of my work as an author. I received a grant from the San Francisco Arts […]

Snake Skull Gown


Art from this time explored letting go of ego identity and moving into greater spiritual awareness and power. There is also a shift towards relaxing into love and the multidimensional […]

Bunny Bride


During this time period I thought I was going to return to larger studio paintings and explore mixed media. I was very inspired by the concept of enormous Chicana Buddhas. […]


Currently fine art becomes what I do on the side as writing, education, book making and activism take a primary role in my work and Sky grows. I began teaching […]