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Currently fine art becomes what I do on the side as writing, education, book making and activism take a primary role in my work and Sky grows. I began teaching The Heart of It: Creating Children’s Books that Matter in 2014 through School of the Free Mind and published the first class’ anthology, Whaleheart, through Reflection Press.

In Fall of 2015, I created Write Now! Make Books, a free program with a social justice frame to teach kids how to come into their creative power and make books, and am beginning another book with Francisco Alarcon due out in 2016.

As I enter the 10 year anniversary of my miraculous healing from 10 years of heavy metal poisoning, I can see what is important to me. It’s not just about me Claiming Voice, it’s about continuing to share our creative and healing potential with my communities in the best way possible. Everything is art! I don’t have to be creating fine art! I am art. You are art. Living is art! This moment is art!


political poster art, 1970s children's book art, Central and South American street art