BellyLove: birthing a revolution through honoring the bellyPerhaps you are like many women who experience dissatisfaction with their belly and have a hard time acknowledging this area of the body. You may feel disconnected or even disgust. And yet, the belly is the center of your body, the core of your being. It is the bowl of creation and intuition. It is the origin of love.

In this course we learn to honor our bellies through art and thought. We do not silence the inner criticism with fluffy affirmations, but instead lay the foundation to create real change. We learn to acknowledge the power and beauty present in our core and from this place the ability to affirm our selves and our lives will rise naturally and with greater potency. Bellylove is a radical and affirmative action in today’s world. Come join a community of women in a universal prayer for solid power sourced at our core.

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